Allcal Flash Mob Fiasco

Allcal Releases Flash Mob Fiasco

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Smartphone App’s New Ad Has “Will You Marry Me” Flash Mob Performing for the Wrong Couple, Forcing Accidental Engagement
The final of three comedic Couple Calendar Fail commercials hits the web today.

Allcal Flash Mob Fiasco

Dallas, Texas – February 14, 2017 – Allcal, the original social planning app, today releases its final of three commercials showing hilarious couple calendar fails. In Flash Mob Fiasco, a woman plans on proposing to her girlfriend at a park using a flash mob. Unfortunately, the flash mob ends up at a different park and performs for the wrong couple, accidentally leading a woman to believe her boyfriend is proposing to her. Before he can say a word, the accidental bride-to-be reels off, “I want a June wedding!” “What’s your budget?” [On the phone] “I told you he wasn’t a total loser!” “Your brother is not invited.” “$10,000? $60,000? $100,000?” Meanwhile the original couple doesn’t get a proposal at all. Should’ve used Allcal!

Tiffy Diamond in Flash Mob Fiasco

This is the third commercial in the Couple Calendar Fail ad campaign by the startup smartphone app Allcal. In the first sketch titled Party Foul, a man is excited to introduce his husband to his boss at a swanky work cocktail party only to have his husband missed the email update that the “pool party” is in fact cocktail attire, not pool attire. His husband bursts into the party wearing nothing but a speedo, much to the horror of the other attendees. In the second sketch titled Lonely Paddle Boat, a woman misses the email update from her boyfriend about a time change for their date. He’s left to man a two-person paddle boat by himself.

Tessa Markle in Flash Mob Fiasco

“One of the top reasons people use Allcal is for couples’ calendars,” states Allcal Vice President Danielle Cocanougher. “We hope people can relate to the situations in our videos and see how Allcal is the solution.” Available for free for iPhone and Android, Allcal keeps couples connected with seamless real-time calendar updating. When someone makes a change to an event on the couple’s calendar, the event is instantly updated on the significant other’s calendar.

Alberto Lapena, Jessica Kozak in Flash Mob Fiasco

Actors Tiffy Diamond, Tessa Markle, Alberto Lapena, and Jessica Kozak star in Flash Mob Fiasco. Dallas-based Katherine Rose Watson produced and cast the comedic videos. Los Angeles-based trio Christine Moore, Justin Matson, and Jessica Kozak wrote, filmed, and edited the series. Watch Flash Mob Fiasco here.

For more information, visit To download the Allcal press kit for a quick look at all of the capabilities and use case scenarios, visit To download the original file for Flash Mob Fiasco, visit


About Allcal: the Original Social Planner

Allcal believes there is a better way to schedule your life. Created in 2014 by the man who brought you Funimation Studios and Dragon Ball Z, Allcal is an innovative social planning calendar app that makes sharing plans easy. Allcal is a small, family-run business based in Dallas, Texas. The free app syncs seamlessly across iPhone, iPad, and desktop and is available for free on the Apple App Store. Learn about all of Allcal’s features and capabilities at Download the app here:


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