Media Relations

As your PR representative, I will be your principal media advocate and media liaison. Most importantly, I will introduce the media to your company/brand/event. Direct pitching is the biggest reason to work with a publicist specializing in media relations! I will pitch tailored stories directly to the media to garner as much press as possible. This strategy may take more time on my end but it will also garner as much positive publicity as possible for your company, brand, or event.

Not sure why journalists aren’t attending your event? Let me make suggestions, offer insight into best practices, and send out personal invitations. I spend a large amount of my day working with journalists and getting to know what kind of stories they are interested in so that I can pitch each person a different story that’s right for their audience and outlet.

Schedule permitting, I will also attend local interviews and be your onsite media liaison.

Included in PR services.