Client Testimonials

“As a blogger, having Katie-Rose as my publicist was one of the best decisions I could have made! I can’t even keep up with how many magazine publications, tv segments, radio shows, and Instagram takeovers I have been a part of because of her. Having all of this press coverage has also made me more marketable when talking to brands and travel boards as I have something more to offer that not many other bloggers can. Anyone will be amazed at how hard Katie-Rose works and the results she delivers!”  – Jessica Serna, Travel Blogger at 

Katie Rose did a fabulous job promoting our production of Buddy, The Buddy Holly Story at Garland Civic Theatre. We had not used a PR person before and we had some ideas that we knew only could be carried out by one. After meeting her through some friends, we decided she was the one for the job. Her enthusiasm and professionalism were infectious and exceeded our expectations by a mile.. She accomplished everything we asked her to do and more. The show was a huge success and we couldn’t have been happier with her services and hope to use her again soon. Katie Rose Rocks!!!!” – David Tinney, Garland Civic Theatre

Dallas Symphony Orchestra Publicist

“I have worked with Katie-Rose for two full seasons now. Her positivity, her valuable connections and her creativity make it a joy to have her as part of our communications team. I recommend her highly!” – Denise McGovern, Vice President of Communications at Dallas Symphony Orchestra


“Katie-Rose Watson is the best in her field. Her dedication to her work makes her stand out. She has an incredible work ethic and was able to get my production of “The Addams Family” 4 TV spots and listed in numerous publications. If you’re looking for a top of the line publicist…Katie-Rose is the girl for you.” – Jason Bias, director of The Addams Family


“Katie-Rose is a rockstar publicist. Last year, I began partnering with a local wine bar to produce my own monthly magic show ( After the initial hype passed, we were struggling to sell all the tickets. We knew we had a great show with great food/drink, but we also knew we needed help to get the word out. ENTER KATIE-ROSE WATSON. Katie-Rose took our mildly successful show and turned it into a sustainable, consistently sell-out, profitable event for all involved. She has a passion for what she does, and works monthly to promote our event to television programs, print magazines, and bloggers. Highly recommended!” – Trigg Watson, Wine and Magic


Allcal PR Firm

“I knew Allcal needed a fresh, exciting video marketing campaign to go along with our new release, but had no idea where to start. That’s where Katie-Rose came in – handling the entire project start-to-finish. She found a fantastic production team, picked the perfect talent, and coordinated the entire shoot. She also managed to somehow do it all under budget! I had worked with Katie-Rose on many PR projects already so I knew she was amazing, but my experience with this video campaign proves she’s the best at what she does.” – Danielle Cocanougher, Vice President, Allcal

Black Star Sport Horses Publicist

“Katie Rose had been our PR person for several years. She is fun to work with and has great follow through. A hard combination to find!” – Lisa Blackmon, Black Star Sport Horses

Rockwall Summer Musicals Publicist

“Kate Watson was a Godsend for Rockwall Summer Musicals in 2016. With short notice, meager budget, and almost impossible demands,  Kate was able to customize a plan that fit our needs and budget. Kate opened doors for Rockwall Summer Musicals that we never thought possible, helping to elevate our status in the Dallas Ft. Worth Metroplex.

Through Kate’s professionalism and  leadership, RSM met every marketing and publicity goal far beyond what we had imagined. Kate Watson is simply amazing….if you want your business to soar with new and untapped opportunities,  allow Kate Watson to lead the way with her professional expertise, you will be glad you did!” – Katherine Bower, Rockwall Summer Musicals

Diner en Blanc Dallas Publicist

“Hiring Kate Watson as our publicist two years ago was one of the best things we did for our start-up business. The first thing she did was put together a comprehensive plan including social media, a press event, press releases, and target media to shoot for. She discussed “newsworthy” story angles we had never even thought of, that immediately interested the press and got us several TV and radio spots, and high profile print ads, all in the first couple months of hiring her.

I’m sure she spent many hours on the phone with her contacts promoting us, as evidenced by the huge turnout of relevant media contacts that attended our press event (from bloggers to television producers!) We made the 6:00 news that night on both CBS and NBC. Kate’s strategy created so much visibility that we doubled the required attendance and became the largest first year event the corporation had ever seen.

Always enthusiastic, and full of ideas, Kate truly cares about our event and puts her heart into her work. She is highly autonomous, always staying one step ahead of our needs. In our second year, Kate was instrumental in growing our attendance by 40%. We now enjoy a waiting list of almost 15,000 hopefuls! Thanks to her understanding of and connections within the industry, we’ve enjoyed great press for two years running with all the who’s who in the Dallas media world. Her “end of campaign” coverage reports are fantastic, and help us evaluate the return on our investment in her services. Being able to quantitatively prove our media visibility has assisted us in securing major brand sponsors like Southwest Airlines and Mercedes-Benz.

I can’t wait to see how much more our business grows this year with Kate’s continued representation. So far the effect of her work has been exponential. We love working with her, and can’t recommend her services highly enough.” – Karen Raehpour and Rachael Kissel, Diner en Blanc Dallas (years 2015-2017)

“Kate is an exceptional publicist who has done outstanding work for our nonprofit over the past 2 years. She is incredibly organized, detail oriented, thoughtful, creative, and so effective! We received an incredible amount of media attention on every single one of our events. She also is resourceful, so if something is a hard sell to TV media she continues to find creative ways (blogs, etc) to get the word out there! Our main fundraising event has tripled in size since we’ve started using Kate as our publicist.” – Erin Hannigan, Artists for Animals