Comedian KJ Khiry Lee

V-Day Fail: Lonely Paddle Boat

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Smartphone App’s Hilarious New Sketch Shows Hunk Stranded in Paddleboat in Major Couple Calendar Fail
The second of three comedic videos hits the web today.

Comedian KJ Khiry Lee

Dallas, Texas – February 7, 2017 – Allcal, the original social planning app, today releases its second of three commercials centering around hilarious couple calendar fails. The first sketch, titled Party Foul, was released last week. In its second video, titled Lonely Paddle Boat, a woman has settled in for a lazy Saturday of watching TV, accidentally standing up her boyfriend for a romantic day on the lake. She missed the email from him saying that their paddleboat rental has been pushed up a day. Her boyfriend is forced to attempt using the paddleboat by himself. Should’ve used Allcal!

Actress Sarah Carey

Actors Sarah Carey and KJ Lee star in Lonely Paddle Boat. “We’ve all been there,” says Carey of the premise. “You make plans, plans change, and then you’re the jerk who ruins everything because you didn’t get the email! This sketch was so fun to shoot and incredibly relatable in the most ridiculous way. I’ve actually been an Allcal user for about six months so I was particularly excited to work on this project.”

Actress Sarah Carey

Allcal decided on the video series when the team noticed that many of its users were depending on the app to make plans with their significant others. Available for free for iPhone and Android, Allcal keeps couples connected with seamless real-time calendar updating. When someone makes a change to an event on the couple’s calendar, the event is instantly updated on the significant other’s calendar. The three-part video series shows some of the unfortunate things that could happen to those who don’t use the app to stay connected.

Comedian KJ Khiry Lee

Dallas-based Katherine Rose Watson produced and cast the comedic videos. Los Angeles-based trio Christine Moore, Justin Matson, and Jessica Kozak wrote, filmed, and edited the series. Watch Lonely Paddle Boat here. Create a Couple Calendar on Allcal here.

For more information, visit To download the Allcal press kit for a quick look at all of the capabilities and use case scenarios, visit To download the original file for Lonely Paddle Boat, visit


About Allcal: the Original Social Planner

Allcal believes there is a better way to schedule your life. Created in 2014 by the man who brought you Funimation Studios and Dragon Ball Z, Allcal is an innovative social planning calendar app that makes sharing plans easy. Allcal is a small, family-run business based in Dallas, Texas. The free app syncs seamlessly across iPhone, iPad, and desktop and is available for free on the Apple App Store. Learn about all of Allcal’s features and capabilities at Download the app here:


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