Allcal Tapped for Project Anime: Tokyo & LA

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Katherine Rose Watson
Allcal Selected as Event App for Project Anime: Los Angeles and Project Anime: Tokyo
This is Allcal’s second consecutive year to provide a calendar solution for Project Anime.

Dallas, Texas – March 13, 2018 – Allcal Events is excited to announce that it has been selected as the event app and integrated calendar for Project Anime: Los Angeles (July 3-4, 2018) for the second consecutive year. For the first time, Allcal Events will also serve as the event calendar solution for Project Anime: Tokyo (March 20, 2018).
Project Anime is an event curated for anime and fandom event organizers. Allcal President and CEO Daniel Cocanougher says, “We are particularly excited to be the app solution for Project Anime because it’s a convention for people who run conventions and we are ready to show attendees all of Allcal’s new features that will make planning and running their events that much easier.”
The integrated web version of the calendar is now live on Project Anime: Tokyo’s website at and serves as the convention’s primary schedule platform. Events include discussions on streaming, merchandising, talent management, marketing strategies, reaching out to industry, budgeting, and more. Project Anime: Los Angeles will utilize Allcal’s premiere services such as gamification, giveaways, and branded features.
For more information, visit To download the Allcal press kit for a quick look at all the capabilities and use case scenarios, visit
About Allcal Events
Allcal Events is a complete calendar and event management solution for event organizers. Launched in 2016 as a unique social calendar solution for events, Allcal has been the official scheduling vendor for both small and large-scale festivals, conferences, and expos. Successful events include Stan Lee’s Los Angeles Comic Con, RuPaul’s DragCon, Dallas Startup Week, Scare Los Angeles, and the Philadelphia Film Festival. Learn more about Allcal Event’s features and capabilities here:
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