Dallas Plays Major Role in Novel

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Dallas Plays Major Role in Novel The Lincoln Prophecy
Author Carter Hopkins is Rockwall High School, SMU alum. 

Dallas, Texas – April 17, 2017 – Dallas plays a major role in the novel The Lincoln Prophecy by local author Carter Hopkins. The three hundred and twenty-five-page fictional thriller is set in Dallas, Texas and follows Southern Methodist University professor Michael Riley as he stumbles upon a murder in Rockwall, Texas and suddenly finds himself wrapped up in a national cybersecurity threat. A reluctant hero, Riley works to solve the mystery of the murder while running from those who committed it.

Real world cyber security threats inspired Hopkins, an attorney for a cyber security firm, to write this novel. A Rockwall High School and Southern Methodist University alumnus, Hopkins never set out to become an author. “This story just wouldn’t go away,” says Hopkins of writing the novel. “I was in a kayak in this remote place and this scene suddenly popped in my head and I couldn’t shake it. I kept seeing this character and these scenes everywhere I went in Dallas.”

Notable Dallas-Fort Worth locations seen in The Lincoln Prophecy are:

  • Rockwall, TX – While running along a Rockwall canal out by San Martino Winery, Riley kicks off the thriller by accidentally stumbling upon a murder.
  • SMU Central Fountain (in front of Dallas Hall) – The reader meets Amie Hawkins for the first time.
  • Peggy Sue’s BBQ – Favorite lunch spot of Michael Riley and Amie Hawkins.
  • SMU Law School, Storey Hall – Isaac, the antagonist, and Riley meet face to face and chase scene through building ensues. Riley uses the Legal Clinic as an escape route.
  • Corner Bar – Riley waits for FBI and hides from Isaac.
  • Lakeside Park, Highland Park – Riley and Amie hide by Turtle Creek and plan what to do after narrowly escaping Isaac.
  • Greenville Avenue – chase scene where Riley and Amie hide out at Snuffers.
  • SMU Boaz Hall – Amie and Riley use a computer lab to finally discover what Isaac and others are after.
  • J. Erik Jonsson Central Library, Downtown Dallas – Amie and Riley access public computer network to see how far the virus has spread.
  • G.W. Bush Presidential Library – Crucial scene where Riley meets up with FBI in the park behind the library and Isaac sets up across the street with a sniper rifle.

One Amazon reviewer writes, “I had to purchase this book since I live in Rockwall where the book begins, and I live, in fact, very close to where the bodies are buried!!!! I normally don’t read many mysteries, but boy howdy, as we say in Texas, this is some book. I loved it and could not put it down. I can see the movie now. It was fast paced and I could not wait to see what happened. I would highly recommend this book.” The Lincoln Prophecy is available at Amazon and Barnes and Noble for $12.99 and on Kindle for $3.99.

Carter Hopkins is available for interviews regarding this news. Contact Katherine Rose Watson (katierosewatson@yahoo.com, 972-489-7694) to coordinate.

Author Carter Hopkins


Author Carter Hopkins works as an attorney for a cyber security firm. Hopkins was inspired to write his first novel, The Lincoln Prophecy, by real-life cyber security events and technology. An alumnus of Rockwall High School and Southern Methodist University, Hopkins knew Dallas-Fort Worth was the perfect backdrop for his thriller series. He lives in Dallas, Texas with his wife and two children and is currently working on his second novel. For more information, visit carterhopkinsbooks.com.







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