Focus Groups

I originally started hosting focus groups for clients as a way to gauge the effectiveness of various TV segments. Now I’ve had requests to manage and host focus groups for a slew of other reasons.

When hired for a focus group, I will write the script and necessary worksheets with questions designed to get the most information out of our participants as possible. I will find and hire participants in your target market. I will conduct the focus group, working to get even the most shy participant to speak up and become an active participant.

Videography (not included) is highly recommended so that you have a permanent record of the focus group to refer back to.

Following the focus group, I will write a cohesive report to present the findings to you.

Whether you’re testing out a new product, website, app, or wanting to gauge the effectiveness of a PR/marketing/ad campaign, a focus group can give you the answers you need to put your best foot forward.

Prices start at $1,500.